Learn How to Make Gorgeous Cosplay Armor

You’ve undoubtedly seen them at conventions, you may have even seen them at comic book stores or movie premieres. Or maybe you watched the recent SyFy show, Heroes of Cosplay. They’re the amazing cosplay artists, both male & female, who dress up as their favourite comic book superheros, villains, or gaming characters.

Kamui Cosplay

One such artist that is definitely a favourite of mine is the amazingly talented Svetlana Quindt, also known as Kamui. Svetlana is a cosplayer from Germany and her costumes that she creates, have to be seen to believed. She’s known for her armor from games such as World of Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft, and when you see her costumes, you’d swear that she stepped straight out of the computer or off the pages from your favourite comic book. The detail that goes into every piece is just amazing!

Svetlana has just released her first eBook, The Book of Cosplay Armor Making. In it, Svetlana shows you how you can make your very own armor using materials such as Worbla and Wonderflex. Worbla and Wonderflex are both thermoplastic materials — A polymer that becomes pliable or moldable above a certain temperature and then hardens again, once cooled.

Kamui Cosplay

Containing 43 pages of easy to follow intructions and photos, Svetlana steps you through the process involved in creating your cosplay armor. She covers everything from the materials and tools that you’ll need, through to creating patterns, shaping your armor, how to attach it to yourself and even transporting your works of art.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make these gorgeous costumes or you’re thinking about getting into cosplay, then Svetlana’s book is a must read! Head on over to her Storenvy page and pick yourself up a copy. It’s super cheap, for the amount of information it contains. You wont regret it!

Also, don’t forget to also check out her website and give her Facebook page a ‘Like’ while you’re at it.

Kamui Cosplay Kamui Cosplay Kamui Cosplay Kamui Cosplay