Mini Alloy Star Wars Ship Keychains

If you’re a fan of Star Wars like me, you’re going to want to get your hands on one (or possibly three) of these! Quantum Mechanix (QMx) has just announced that they have secured an agreement with Lucasfilm Ltd. to produce a premium line of die-cast replica key chains featuring the vehicles and emblems of the Star Wars universe.

Using digital files from the offical Lucasfilm archives, QMx will be creating the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, Bobba Fett’s Slave I and the Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. Each key chain will be replicated in a steel alloy with the same precision used to create their best-selling Serenity, Enterprise D and Viper Mark II key chains.

Jared Chapman, director of product development at QMx had this to say;

We’re re-creating these iconic ships in a scale and format never seen before. These will give fans a way to express their inner selves — be they a Mandalorian bounty hunter, Imperial loyalist or rogue smuggler.

Averaging 2 inches long, the key chains are currently in development and are expected to be officially released around late Q2 2014. Each Key chain will retail for US$12.95. So, head on over to the QMx site and put your name on their waiting to get first chance to preorder one of these excellent pieces. You’ll be the envy of geeks everywhere!

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