Oliver Queen to Finally get his Green Arrow Mask

Oliver Queen is slowly becoming Green Arrow. In Season One of Arrow, Oliver’s alter-ego was simply called “The Hood”. In Season Two, we’ve seen Olvier transform from a killing machine, to someone who is a symbol of hope for the city, and going by the name “Arrow”.

Soon, Oliver’s transformation towards the “Green Arrow” will become even more apparent as he starts sporting a brand new mask, instead of his current smear of dark green eyeshadow. Entertainment Weekly has revealed two new images of the Green Arrow mask that Oliver will be wearing, come December. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg had this to say about the transformation;

Conceptually, it was something we wanted to do because Oliver himself is evolving as the Arrow– from vigilante to hero, sort of from Arrow to Green Arrow — and we wanted to see that progression in his costume as well. As Oliver is embracing being a hero, being a hero means stepping out of the dark and being more of a symbol, so he has to take steps to conceal his identity more.

Adding a mask also comes with logistical benefits. It’s going to allow the Arrow to interact with people who don’t know his identity in a much more organic way than having him constantly keep his head down.

Costume designer Maya Mani put together roughly 50 mask options for the producers before they landed on the final design. Kreisberg credits Executive Producer Greg Berlanti for steering them toward simplicity.

Arrow Mask

A lot of our early attempts were very, shall I say, Joel Schumacher-esque. And it was really Greg who said not to overcomplicate it. And I think what’s so wonderful about the design that Maya came up with is that it really is very simple, and it feels as if it’s been part of his costume since the beginning…once we finally had this mask and put it on Stephen [Amell], even Stephen was like, ‘This is the right one’.

He doesn’t just put on a mask. It’s actually a big plot point in an episode, and there really is a story behind, not only the need for the mask but also who provides him with it. It’s going to be a little bit of a surprise, and once they see how the mask comes into creation, I think people will be really excited about it.

Arrow - Three Ghosts

The new mask will be introduced in the December 11 episode of Arrow, titled “Three Ghosts”.

Source: Entertainment Weekly